Edifier R1900T III review

Few days a go i went to  Unity Plaza get USB speakers for a friend of mine and after testing the speakers i found them to have this bit rich sound then compare to other computer speakers witch are small. this speakers was  form a company call Edifier witch i never heard of.  USB speakers are called the Edifier M1250. M1250 sound better then most small USB speakers i have seen, for Rs1000 (US$9) this was a deal, they do look stylish as well. normally most small PC speakers comes with set of bad speakers that can only do the mind range, but when i open the front cover of this speakers found that it has an oval shape speakers that you normally see in TV’s. this got me thinking, Edifier is in to sound.

Edfire 1250 i remember seeing set of speakers that look like book shelf speakers. once i got  home i went to the Edifier web site and found they had a range of bookshelf  size speakers.  i went back to Unity Plaza and ask whats the model of  this speakers and they told me its the R1900T III, witch was Edifiers top of the  range ones in there Studio seres. this was Rs.8500 (US$80) witch was at a  resonabl price range but not for a China made set of speakers. but i thought what  the heck and bought the speakers.

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HTPC – Intel Atom Media Center Inside a CD Player

[සිංහලෙන් කියවන්න]

Today I’m gonna talk about how to building your self a nice Home Theater System ruining Windows 7 Media Center. I wanted build one for some time now. mainly for listening to music and to play video podcasts, this is NOT a HD media center since its running on the Intel Atom 230 CPU. but you can always get an good motherboard and make this to run as a HD Media Center.

I wanted this to be unique as possible and be a more hands on job, any one can buy a HTPC case and put stuff inside the box and build a Media Center PC but i wanted this to look less then a PC  more like a HiFi device like my DVD or CD-Player and operate the same way with out worrying about keyboards and mouse. This will fit nicely on your HiFi rack and look sexy at the same time 😀

Lest see the hardware and parts i have used for this project, that don’t mean you have to use the same.

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