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Installing Subversion (SVN) & Trac on CentOS 5.X with Apache

Here’s how to install SVN + Trac with Apache on CentOS 5.x, before you do this you need to login as root.

run the following command to install SVN, SVN Support for Apache, PHP, Apache, MySQL (if your using MySQL with Trac) gcc, Python and Python for Apache and Sqlite (Defualt DB manager for Trac)

yum install subversion mod_dav_svn php httpd mysql gcc python mod_python sqlite
python ./
easy_install babel
easy_install Genshi
easy_install Pygments
easy_install docutils
easy_install textile

above will install the basic stuff to get SVN + Trac running on Apache.

now lets install Python support for MySQL if your using Trac with MySQL go to download MySQL-python-x.x.tar.gz

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How to Upgrade Kubuntu 7.10 to Kubuntu 8.04

(සිංහලෙන් කියවන්න)

Here’s how to upgrade to kubuntu 8.04.

Its fairly simple, first Open (Start –> System) “adept Manager”

now click “Fetch Updates”

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