Daddy’s Log – Kid date 6 | Burps, Feeding, NO SLEEP!

Day 6 and Daddy is still alive!, well partly thanks to redbull! (yes its bad for your health) people think its bad and lot of sleepless nights. its not true or false. its 50% 50%, the during the first few weeks, you need to feed the kid in regular intervals, has to be mommy’s milk and nothing else, every 2 hours or so. (you need to straggle 1 hour to feed her) at a given time the baby drinks around 60 ml of milk 😀 yes that much, less than 5 tablespoons. after that baby sleeps. but you MUST burp her, and never leave the baby on her back, always leaver her side ways, else if she vomits milk, she will drown on her own mink and something bad can happen. also you need to keep the baby warm. since she was use to saying at 36c in mommy’s tummy. what i call gift wrapping the baby 😀

since this daddy is bit paranoid, daddy keep the baby in a baby basket near daddy’s bed and watch her all night. why ? she is bit playful and mess with her wrapping cloths and cover her face with it. so we need to keep a proper eye on her. during the 1st week, if the mommy’s had the baby with a c-section, you need to take car of the mommy’s as well, cos she cant do anything on her own, even to lift the baby. so you need to take care of the mommy’s too, so you basically have 2 baby’s at home.

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Daddy’s Log – Kid date 3

When I got to know my wife was pregnant, it was kind of a mixed feeling, as I was happy and scared and didn’t know what to expect. but I always like kids, and i guess in a way they liked me too. it was not easy, wife being pregnant. unlike most women, she vomited till the day of delivery. during that time, we never cooked at home, always eating outside food, but we had good friend like SU, who send food from here place every day for my wife. that made our life much easier. my wife’s question of the day is, “monda kanne” and she never can make her mine up on what she wanted to eat. only good thing for us was she worked from home, so less issues. unlike most, we never went to a famous Dr.  but we went to someone who has experience and who has time for us. that made things much simpler, going to the hospital few times prove it was the best thing we did as he was always there when we needed, plus he was not out to make money, made our life much simpler as even when she was admitted due to a food poisoning, he didn’t want to keep us even a minute more at the hospital, same goes for the delivery,  she was up to the last day asking us if we want to have a normal delivery or not, and when we told him, its 50% 50% he simply told, lets do a test and see, after the test, simply told us that best we do a c-section then to do a normal delivery. He always took his time explaining everything, he jokes with us, even during the operation. ask to bring a camera, pushing me to video the full thing. explaining every step of the way.

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