Daddy’s Log – Kid date 3

When I got to know my wife was pregnant, it was kind of a mixed feeling, as I was happy and scared and didn’t know what to expect. but I always like kids, and i guess in a way they liked me too. it was not easy, wife being pregnant. unlike most women, she vomited till the day of delivery. during that time, we never cooked at home, always eating outside food, but we had good friend like SU, who send food from here place every day for my wife. that made our life much easier. my wife’s question of the day is, “monda kanne” and she never can make her mine up on what she wanted to eat. only good thing for us was she worked from home, so less issues. unlike most, we never went to a famous Dr.  but we went to someone who has experience and who has time for us. that made things much simpler, going to the hospital few times prove it was the best thing we did as he was always there when we needed, plus he was not out to make money, made our life much simpler as even when she was admitted due to a food poisoning, he didn’t want to keep us even a minute more at the hospital, same goes for the delivery,  she was up to the last day asking us if we want to have a normal delivery or not, and when we told him, its 50% 50% he simply told, lets do a test and see, after the test, simply told us that best we do a c-section then to do a normal delivery. He always took his time explaining everything, he jokes with us, even during the operation. ask to bring a camera, pushing me to video the full thing. explaining every step of the way.

When she was inside the mom’s tummy, i use to talk to her, we didn’t know it was a girl or a boy as both scans we did was not 100% clear. so I spent few minutes a day talking to the tummy and feeling the kicks. and I got so excited when she kicks when she hear my voice. during one scan, Dr told us its must be a girl, since me and wife both thought its a boy, she was kind a disappointed but since i never actually given any thought about it, but when I did I was actually happy its a girl. i know lot of people will have hard time understanding this, but i love the fact that i have a daughter. like they say, “Girls love their fathers.”

I saw my baby girl coming out of mommy’s tummy, cleaning her, checking her, when i saw her for the 1st time, i have no words to explain how i felt, all my doubts went away, i felt so much love in me that i never knew that was there. i never had any experience taking care of a baby, but when the nurse brought her to our room, when i held her for the first time, when i talk to her, she some how recognize my voice and was really happy that i talk to her when she was in mommy’s tummy. it always calm her down, i learn to clean her up, how to feed her, since mommy’s had no clue 😀 burp her. put her to sleep. the 1st day, when she was laying in her crib, i couldn’t take my eyes off her, i didn’t sleep, coz i was worried that she might cover her face with a cloth. so it was a sleepless night, i learned why she cry’s what to do when she do that, in less than 24 hours 🙂

When we had to shop for her things, i was really worried about spending so much money, boy i was wrong, love changes a lot, i had to buy her some things today, i didn’t even bother to ask the price. you always want the best for your baby 🙂

being father is a awesome feeling, i don’t care if i get her poop in her hand, i don’t want anyone to take care of her, i want to do everything by myself! I’m a lazy person, i didn’t even wash my own plate. having a kid made the bond between me and my wife stronger, lot of people say after having a kid, the bond between the wife and husband goes away, i think that happen when you leave everything to your wife, but if you be a part of the kids live, i think wife will also be closer to you. i feel i’m more worried about her then my wife is. i even race my voice at time when she dont even hold her right.

We didn’t go a arisen ahubudu to name the kid, my wife did, and its a name you can say and its a name people can understand, not some idiot thing that one day kids at school will make fun of, we did give her 10 names where she will have a time when filling applications. it was simple “Andrea”, my wife came up with it and now its just “Andrea Athulathmudali” and thats it!

by the time we were leaving the hospital, i saw lot of mothers carrying their kids in their arms in vehicles; my 1st thinking way, they don’t love their kids ? it only take 1 second to get into an accident, and if you’re in front, you will lose grip, air bags will crush the kid or will fly off the window. 1st thing i got for my kid was a car seat, an infant car seat. when we left the room, even the nurse that came to take my wife told us, “we normally give the kid to the mom’s arms” i told her, when you brought the kid to our room, you brought her in a baby carrier before you guys want to keep her safe, similarly we want to keep her safe we have her on a baby carrier strapped in, it can also get fixed to the back seat of the car, i make sure the car airbags in the side get disabled when the 3 point harness is locked.  and the kid is facing the back. so even if we get into an accident the kid is safe. plus she get use to staying in a car seat, standing in front or running around the back of the car is most parents ignore, just because the kid cry’s, you should not put your kids in harms way! such parents i see as they have no value for their kids life. so i want to teach my kid from the 1st day. she took her 23km ride without a single issue or not even a noise. seat was secure, she was comfortable.

i may be a paranoid father! but this Daddy’s Log will continues for some time! they say you learn something every day, similarly, i learn something every day about my daughter.


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