Daddy’s Log – Kid date 6 | Burps, Feeding, NO SLEEP!

Day 6 and Daddy is still alive!, well partly thanks to redbull! (yes its bad for your health) people think its bad and lot of sleepless nights. its not true or false. its 50% 50%, the during the first few weeks, you need to feed the kid in regular intervals, has to be mommy’s milk and nothing else, every 2 hours or so. (you need to straggle 1 hour to feed her) at a given time the baby drinks around 60 ml of milk 😀 yes that much, less than 5 tablespoons. after that baby sleeps. but you MUST burp her, and never leave the baby on her back, always leaver her side ways, else if she vomits milk, she will drown on her own mink and something bad can happen. also you need to keep the baby warm. since she was use to saying at 36c in mommy’s tummy. what i call gift wrapping the baby 😀

since this daddy is bit paranoid, daddy keep the baby in a baby basket near daddy’s bed and watch her all night. why ? she is bit playful and mess with her wrapping cloths and cover her face with it. so we need to keep a proper eye on her. during the 1st week, if the mommy’s had the baby with a c-section, you need to take car of the mommy’s as well, cos she cant do anything on her own, even to lift the baby. so you need to take care of the mommy’s too, so you basically have 2 baby’s at home.

with c-sections, issues like no proper lactation can happen, this should not make you not to feed the baby with mommy’s milk, also partly that the baby has less suction power and she will have a hard time drinking and when that happen she will cry. so you need to get a breast pump take milk out and if you have to put it to a bottle and feed her, but if the baby get use to the bottle she will not drink back from mommy’s some try to avoid this. massaging the breast and warm water can help.

also as a new daddy, you need to be apart of the baby’s life, if you let mommy’s or anyone else take care of the baby, you will lose the bond with the kid, talk to the kid all the time, even when she cry, play good music in the background. not the dumb mal songs, but some good music with good rhythm; i found she sleep well to classical music.

also a baby monitor with a camera is a good idea, we got a wireless camera with wireless monitor with 2 way voice for Rs.19,500 (cheap crappy china made) so when you leave the baby in a room. you can keep an eye on her. keeping her always inside a net is a must as well, to avoid any insect bites, in an A/C room, keep the A/C around 28-29c and not less, else she will have issues.

we also avoid using pampers unless is a long travel, why ? if we have her in a nappy, as soon as she do her business she cry’s and we have time to clean her up asap, if it was a pamper she would sit in her own filth for hours, and its bad and not healthy, keep in mind, having a kid will always lead you to opinion of others, and always different opinions, but should not do what everyone else is doing, do what you think is best for the kid.

don’t get the kid use to be in your hand, as soon as the feeling and burping is done, leave her in her cot and make sure she’s sideways and not on her back or on her tummy. change side on each nap, since she’s just few days old, don’t let her sleep more than 3 hours, wake her up and feel her, if she cry, let her cry a little, that will help to to make the lungs stronger. i know its not easy to see your kid cry but it will do good. 🙂

we had few ups and down trips in the car, found that car seat works, had no issues with the baby and almost all the time she sleeps, we normally feed her burp her and then only put her in the seat so we knows she will sleep for 1-2 hours. since the car seat is back facing, good idea to have the mommy’s in the back seat, else if she vomits or any other, you won’t even know.

also make sure you have ton of nappies 😀 she will finish them at 5-6 at an hour sometimes 🙂 more she poops and pee, more healthy is the baby.

is this all worth it ? it will be when you see your kid smile at you!


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