Edifier R1900T III review

Few days a go i went to  Unity Plaza get USB speakers for a friend of mine and after testing the speakers i found them to have this bit rich sound then compare to other computer speakers witch are small. this speakers was  form a company call Edifier witch i never heard of.  USB speakers are called the Edifier M1250. M1250 sound better then most small USB speakers i have seen, for Rs1000 (US$9) this was a deal, they do look stylish as well. normally most small PC speakers comes with set of bad speakers that can only do the mind range, but when i open the front cover of this speakers found that it has an oval shape speakers that you normally see in TV’s. this got me thinking, Edifier is in to sound.

Edfire 1250 i remember seeing set of speakers that look like book shelf speakers. once i got  home i went to the Edifier web site and found they had a range of bookshelf  size speakers.  i went back to Unity Plaza and ask whats the model of  this speakers and they told me its the R1900T III, witch was Edifiers top of the  range ones in there Studio seres. this was Rs.8500 (US$80) witch was at a  resonabl price range but not for a China made set of speakers. but i thought what  the heck and bought the speakers.

Edifire R1900T III

speakers box are made of of wood, most speakers this size nowadays made out  of plastic, when i open the front cover and i was kind a surprised to see a 5″ woofer  with a cotton cone. most speaker cones are made of plastic. im not a fan of plastic  cone speakers as they don’t sound that good.  the twitter is a cloth dome  Ferro fluid cooled tweeter.

Thoes who don’t know what Ferro fluid cooled is, twitter is just a normal twitter  but between the voice coil and magnet they have put a small amount of special  fluid. this help the voice coil to run more cooler. helping to have a light voice coil  for better sound and at the same time high power rating.  speakers has built  in passive cross-overs, they are done by Phil Jones

i brought the speakers home and connected them up, it has a build  in amplifier that can do 30wx2 RMS. they are also magnetic shielded meaning you  can put them  near your CRT monitor with out making the screen goes nuts 😀

i was shocked to hear how good this sound, it can almost put aside with my BOSE AM-5, and i always thought Chinese people don’t have a ear 😀 this has a warm sound you normally hear in a tube set, but at the same time it has the tump. acording to Edifire spakers has a Frequency response: 60Hz ~ 20 kHz. speakers do tend to response more to mid range then to lower bass range but the worm sound is nice. if your a Smooth Jazz lover, this is the speaker set of you.

IMG_0036 after hearing this and since it was hard to belive my ears that this was made by a  Chinese company, i did some reseach in to Edifier and then found the man behind  the spakers are Peter Duminy, well after all he’s no Chinese 😀 he has work for BBC,  and B&W, what more can i say, its B&W 😀

all and all speakers are really worth for the money and sound great for a bookshelf  speaker set and the power output it more then fine. this can even be used at a  home type studio as monitor speakers. yes they are that good, as it high light all  part of the human hearing spectrum.


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