How to turn your PS2 (Play Station 2) into a Media Center

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When i got my PS2 some time back was thinking how to use this to Play MP3/DivX etc files and convert it in to a Media Center, so i start to read and find out how to do this with a Slim SP2, then i found there is a player call SMS for PS2, but found that you need to have your PS2 MOD’ed  (MOD Chip) so you can boot CD-R, if not the PS2 will not allow you to boot from any backup CD’s

so lets see how you can turn your PS2 SLIM in to a Media Center,

For this you need,

1. Mod’ed PS2

2. CD Writer + One Black CD-R

3. USB HDD or a DVD/CD with MP3/DivX Files to test

4. You need to download the following FIles SMS (Simple Media System)CDGENPS2 (Download Here) configuration (SYSTEM.cnf) Download

OK, now unzip everything (Use WinRAR) and start the cdgenPS2.exe

now rename the file “SMS VersionX.X.elf” to “SMS_KALINGA.ELF” , now drag and drop “SMS_KALINGA.ELF” and “SYSTEM.CNF” to the CDGENPS2 Window.

right clieck on the “SYSTEM.CNF” and click “Edit”

click the “Fix LBA” and set the value to “12231” click “OK” to continue

Go to “File -> Save Image” and

set the “Save as type:” as “ISO Files (*.iso)” and give a file name, “Save”

if you dont like to do the above, you can simply  Download ISO file that i have made for this. now use your CD-Writing Software and write the ISO file to a CD, now put the CD in to your PS2 and Start the PS2.

if you have done every thing right, the SMS Player will start and give you the main screen, now from the Controller click “Start” it will take you to the Settings Window, from that, under “Device settings” set “Autostart USB” to On (Key “X” to on/off)

you can set Display Setting and other setting as you like and “Save settings” from the menu (if you dont have a  PS2 Memory Card save function will not work)

now connect your USB HDD to the PS2 USB Port or put your Data DVD/CD in to the ROM.

Here’s how to navigate.

Button Action
UP/DOWN Navigate Files
LEFT/RIGHT Select between file menu and device menu (e.g. CD
Network, USB etc)
START Accesses special configuration menu
X Navigate into selected directory


Start playback of selected file


Increase numerical value

O Decrease numerical value


(on a folder)
play multiple MP3 files without a playlist

TRIANGLE Up one directory level


Quit current menu

SELECT + TRIANGLE Exit to boot browser (Quit SMS)
SELECT + O Power off PS2
L1 + L2 + L3 + L4 Displays ‘about’ screen / credits
SELECT + L1 Adjust screen position left
SELECT + R1 Adjust screen position right
SELECT + L2 Adjust screen position up
SELECT + R2 Adjust screen position down

During Playback

Button Action
UP/DOWN Volume up/down
LEFT/RIGHT Scroll forwards/backwards


(after pressing SELECT) Navigate progress bar to
required point in film

START Activate Player Menu


Resume playback after pause

SELECT Pause playback and show progress bar (press again to
hide text), then use LEFT/RIGHT to navigate progress bar
to required point in film.
X (During playback) Toggle On Screen Display (OSD) –
cycles between [ time | time remaining | off ].


(After pressing SELECT) Terminate scrolling and
continue playback

O Toggles display of audio/video synchronisation offset
(V/A) [and if available the subtitle/video
synchronisation offset (S/V)]
TRIANGLE Stop playback
SQUARE Cycle between the five different letterbox/pan-scan
L2 / R2 (see O) Adjust audio/video synchronisation offset.


Adjust subtitle/video synchronisation offset.

L1 / R1 Pan left or right in pan-scan mode
L1 + R1 Reset pan-scan to centre

‍‍Here’s my PS2 SMS Player playing a Xvid 5.1 Surround Sound FIle.

you can get a PS2 IR Remote for a cheaper price and also use an Optical Cable to connect to your surround sound amp so you can play Dolby Digital and DTS Surround Sound. if you use a Component Cable to connect to your tv the PS2 SMS Player support  1080i and 720p HD TV.

Her’s my PS2 Slim Connected to a 2 USB Drives.

Both USB Drives detected.

that’s it for now, will show you how to “Playing Over a Network Shard Follder or from a NAS” using the PS2 SMS Player latter on 🙂


16 thoughts on “How to turn your PS2 (Play Station 2) into a Media Center”

  1. my ps2 SCPH90006CB cant seems to seems view anything in the pendrive. i use SMS 2.9 (rev 2) and Ulaunchelf 4.38 (newest) and have correct system.cnf. can detect pen drive but cant view anything in it. My pendrive is kingston data traveller 1 4GB, black colour. BTW, the old version of SMS player cant even load in my ps2

  2. @kar0

    ah, check if you have the USB in NTFS, also some USB has softwares with in them where it get loaded to windows and decrypt files. i think kigston has some think call U3 or some thing like that… this can be the case… i tested 2.9 and it works fine on my slim p2

  3. hi

    I have plugged in 2 pen drives into the usb’s but i only see one pendrive at a time

    I have tested both the slots and they are working fine but the problem is only one is displayed at a time where you show that both the drives are working for you

    just to add thee drives work indipendently

  4. @ashish malik

    they works fine for me, didn’t test with 2 pen drivers but one pen drive and a USB HDD, both work at the same time. are you running the newest SMS player ? if not try the new one.

  5. Hi Kalinga

    thanks for the reply cold you please mail me your information to get help on phone

    If not please tell me what is the latest version of sms and how to upload it on an image with usb.irx i beleive i have a sms.elf which is 445 kb in image

    Please help i really need this to get working

    Thanks a Ton

  6. i am using version 1.8 rev thats what it says when it starts up but i am not able to access both the drives at one time

  7. Hi,

    I see that you are running your PS2 on an LCD, I would like to know what resolution its running at? 1080p, 720p, or less?

  8. I downloaded the image that you made,I’ve tried a lot of methods and im starting to think the problem is “windows image burner”is there any tips you can give me before doing this
    plz help buddy

  9. @Kevin

    the PS2, even with the component cables, what you get is 480p max. if the TV has good upscaling. it will look good.


    use a free CD/DVD writer called imgburn
    use the image writing option to write the CD. also make sure your PS2 is moded so it can read writable CD’s

    NOTE: keep in mine this image was made 4 years ago and it do NOT have the new version of SMS player.

  10. okay did everything you told me,well not surely,I google “mod ps2 to play movie from usb” and there was this versatile1 website were they showed the steps,,,I opened my ps2 and covered all the sensors,now it works without actually closing the fliptop lid

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