How to Upgrade Kubuntu 7.10 to Kubuntu 8.04

(සිංහලෙන් කියවන්න)

Here’s how to upgrade to kubuntu 8.04.

Its fairly simple, first Open (Start –> System) “adept Manager”

now click “Fetch Updates”

once the update check is done; you will see a button call “Version Update” using this you can update your Kubuntu installation; make sure you have a good internet connection since it may download around 900MB.

one you click “Version Update” the Update Tool will get downloaded.

Click Next

Once you click “Finish” the “Update Tool” will Start.

“Update Tool” will run and collect infomation about your system and prepare the system for the upgrade.

if you have Manually added any source for apt-get; “Update Tool” will disable them.

once the “Update Tool” Finish checking your system it will tell you how much need to be downloaded and the time it would take.

then click “Update” and the “Update Tool” will start to update your system and may ask you time to time if you need to keep configuration files etc.

after few hours (depend on the internet connection speed) the update will be done, once you reboot your computer your now using Kubuntu 8.04 system. its thats simple 🙂

I didn’t see much deference after then update, on Kubuntu 7.10 i used KDE 3.5.8, after the Update it was KDE 3.5.9, but Firefox was updated to Firefox 3 Beta 5.

but leter on i had to switch back to Firefox 2 since i felt with multiple tables and dynamic pages Firefox 3 was not that table and time to time it stopped responding.

its simple to install both Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 on Kubuntu 8.04, simple go to a shell and type “sudo apt-get install firefox-2” and your done.


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