iPhone OS 3.1 and Battery Life, iTunes 9

I mostly blog in Sinhala, I first started as a Sinhala blogger and I kept this English blog to put some of my Sinhala blog posts in English translation, with the time limitations, feeling lazy to write the same blog post again, it didn’t work out the way i hope it would. then thought to write this blog as an independent blog from my Sinhala blog, so here goes…  oh FYI: I’m bit dyslectic so, if you do see a mistake in my writing or rather SPELLINGS,  do POINT them out

When the iPhone OS 3.1 and iTunes 9 came out I upgraded with in few hours of it release! thinking it might have fixed the issues the OS 3.0.1 had, oh I got the iPhone 3G not the 3GS, my hardware might not have the horse power needed to run the OS3.1 smoothly. OS 3.X is optimized for the iPhone 3GS, but it runs quite well on the 3G. do you know I simply hated the iPhone ? 😀 well… do I still ? hmm…. thats a question for next time 😉 if you read my Sinhala blog you can see that I got this phone as a gift from some one who is trying to prove me wrong !

The gaming experience was really improved with the new OpenGL ES, can say better then a PSP ! 😀 but you might have to get use to the slow responsive touch screen at times while trying to hold on to the phone ! yeap its a slippery bugger ! well I did kind a felt its hard to play some games on it where you need multi touch, maybe be coz I’m OLD 😛 well cant call me a teenager any more right 😀 even the kids on the road call me “අංකල්” now ! dam you 😀 i really felt this when i was playing the Terminator game on the iPhone.

IMG_0229 IMG_0231

all and all I can say Apple has done a good job with the graphics, Yes! Yes! for those people who know me, I’m saying good about the dam iPhone ! 😀  but wish I could say the same about the battery life, I felt slow responsiveness as well. at time when the phone is in lock mode or should i say sleep, when you hit the HOME button the phone fail to start or rather wakeup, even if the unlock screen comes up the slide bar for the unlock is not responsive, at time i thought its my phone. but it worked fine with the OS 3.0.1. this started to happen after upgrading to OS 3.1. I’m also pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get MMS working, have been since OS 3.0. even tho I have put the correct MMS setting, its not working, not sure if some thing wrong with Dialog or my iPhone, so if any one out there got MMS working on your iPhone with Dialog. let me know.

after reading and meddling with the phone settings I found that turning off Push support really did the trick! it improve the battery life, (lets says it came back to the way it was when OS 3.0.1 was running) not only that, the issues I had with slow responsiveness was no more! Apple screwed up the upgrade some where when they did the upgrade from OS 3.0 to 3.1 keep in mind push worked like a charm with OS 3.o sI got Google Sync and IM+ to use Push.  Push was really help full with IM since you cant keep your IM client open all the time, Yahoo, IM+ use this to notify incoming IM messages even when the app is not running.

what do i think about the iTunes 9 ? i simply love it !


10 thoughts on “iPhone OS 3.1 and Battery Life, iTunes 9”

  1. I love iphones
    but i have a Motorola V3i RAZR ….. 🙂

    ඔය අයි ෆෝන් එක වගේ නෙමෙයි ,
    අඹ කඩන්න , වාහන වලට අඩ තියන්න වගේම බල්ලෝ පන්නන්නත් ඒක පාවිච්චි කරන්න පුලුවන් !

  2. Other than problems with “PUSH”, does 3.1 give any other problems that you didn’t have with 3.0.1? I still didn’t hv a chance to upgrade and I don’t use Push anyway (I turn it off completely). I really need home screen arrangement with iTunes 9 and better WiFi..

  3. @DragonD

    every one love things they don’t have 🙂 but i never loved the iPhone when i didn’t have it 😛

    @Ravin Perera

    apart from the stuff i told you, every thing else works OK so far.

  4. I am still on 3.0.1 and I am doing fine with a battery sleeve which ads another 4-5 hours of juice.
    The guy next to me with 3.1 cries every day about battery life!

  5. @magerata

    haha i know the guys pain! had to go true the same, ask him to switch off push support 🙂

    I got a external battery pack that i got off eBay for $17 that can fully charge the iPhone. if i carry that with me i can get 24~30 hours of battery life with out charging.

  6. i hv the mms prob on the iphone. hw did u fix it? the OS is 3.1 and the place is there to enter mms settings but in the actual compose msg screen there is no button/option to add photos to the msg.
    plus u guys do a grt job with techkatha. thumbs up. hwever no update since dec 6th on the site.

  7. @ sasika

    once you have setup the mms settings, you need to reboot the phone for the settings to take effect, after that go to Settings>Messages>MMS Messaging to ON

  8. u wouldnt knw mmsc setting for mobitel would u? hwever while on the search i found tht u can send mms to a mobitel no using the email account and putting the receiver as
    [email protected]. (took a bit of time to convince the mobitel customer care agent tht u could actually do tht and get the part after the @)

  9. would like to know the seeting required on iphone 3.1.3 ..the cellular APN and the mms setting..

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